Hi and welcome to my blog! A little bit about me... I live in Sacramento, CA (originally from LA) and am married to Seth who is better than all my wildest, craziest dreams! We got married on July 3rd, 2014 and had our first baby, Sienna, in August 2015!! Yes, I know, we didn't waste any time! (haha) I am a lover of God and a lover of love. I am such a romantic!!! The purpose of this blog is to hopefully instill hope in you for YOUR love story. It won't look like mine, but that's the beauty of having your own love story! I know just how hard the waiting...and waiting....and waiting some more, can be. But hang in there, as I said to Seth in a letter I wrote him for when we got engaged...."the years of waiting for you felt like an eternity, but once you found me it was as if time had lost it's meaning." It will all be worth it when you look into the eyes on the one you love. Hope you enjoy following my journey, that came with bumps in the road, tears, heartbreak but ended with SO MUCH joy and faithfulness from God. Don't lose hope!