Stewarding your season

Hi guys! it’s been a minute..yet again! I have every intention of blogging more but then somehow life gets busy and this, unfortunately, gets pushed to the end of my list. I feel like I am always trying to think of new content and things I can write about. However I had hit a bit of a wall and felt stumped on what to blog about. I probably way over think it haha. But ta-da! I finally have some content!

As probably most of you saw, Seth and I just bought a house! Since last summer we have been living with my parents. We sold our first home and moved in with them while we took some time to wait for the slow season in the housing market. Seth and I try to strategize our plans and decisions so we felt we should sell in the summer and buy in the winter to work things more in our favor. Thankfully it did just that! We ended up getting a great deal (and by ‘great’ I mean great for California because let’s all be honest, there really are no great deals in the California housing market. ha!) And a dream of ours came true-we are getting to renovate the house to make it our own. We are SO thankful!

Due to all of this I did a post on my Instagram sharing my heart about how I don’t want my house remodel posts to come off to anyone as flashy in any way. I know how some people may see my post and a part of their heart might sting with the pain of wanting a home. After that post I got a lot of messages saying how they have been praying and dreaming of getting a home and how it’s felt hard and hopeless. So I thought I would share something I felt God say to me years ago.

I remembered back to when Seth and I first got married. I got pregnant 3 months after we said ‘I do’. It was totally not part of our plan haha! I had a flashback to a specific day when I was vacuuming our small apartment and talking to God about how badly I wanted a house. I heard Him say to me “take care of this apartment like it is the house you want so badly”. yikes!! Those words shifted something in my heart.

I have such a value for the principle of stewardship. When you are single you might have the desire to be married. When you are married you have the desire to have kids. When you have kids you have the desire to have the house to raise the kids in. When you have the house and the kids you have the desire to have the career of your dreams. You see there is always that “next thing” that we are working and striving towards. It’s not a wrong thing, it’s the forward motion of life. God has purpose and dreams He has placed in our hearts. But there is also this thing called stewardship with what we already have. How are you stewarding your heart and sexual drive outside of marriage? Don’t you think that inside of marriage you will have to still steward that? Or maybe you are married and want a home but instead  you are renting a small one bedroom apartment. How are you taking care of that one bedroom apartment? We think, ‘oh when I get my dream house then I will keep it so clean and organized’. Meanwhile your current apartment is a complete disaster. Or how about that dream job? ‘Once I get that dream job I will put my heart and soul into it, I will always go the extra mile’. But with your current job you can’t even show up to work on time or finish any of your tasks.

God entrusts to us the level of excellence and stewardship we show Him we can walk in. Whatever your current season is are you stewarding it? You might not have the man of your dreams right now, but you do have something in your hands that you can steward and treat with excellence. You are not forgotten, your story is not over.






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