What Is Your Worth?

Hey guys!! Super excited to be back on here and blogging about relationships/single/dating life again! I’ve been busy with mom life the past few months and have had to be okay with putting some things on the back burner. One of them being this. But now that Sienna is in preschool (can you believe it?!), and Jude is getting more into a routine, I feel like I have some extra time in my day to do things I love-yay! Thanks for being patient with me and still following along!!

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few months about knowing your worth as a woman. Do you truly know how incredible you are? How you actually deserve to have a guy pursue your heart? I find that as women we become so afraid of being alone and never finding “the one” that we begin to lower our standard and take whatever comes along. You know those girls who will date any guy that comes along their path even if he isn’t their type. The fear of being alone can cause us to end up in an unfulfilling relationship simply to fill a fear of being single for life.

The other thing that tends to happen is we feel the need to flaunt our bodies to get attention, which always gets me because in our society today there is a women’s movement that basically says that we are more than our bodies. We don’t need men. Don’t look at us as sex objects. But you attract what you present. The kind of men you will attract to you goes hand in hand with how you show yourself. (you know I am about to get real on here because that’s the only way I will be on these posts 😉 Women who dress seductive and trashy attract those type of guys to themselves and then ask why they can’t just get a good guy who loves them for more than their body. I am over here waving my arms like “HELLO have you looked in the mirror?!”  You are screaming that you are insecure, that you need the attention. So of course, the guys that are going to come after you aren’t after your heart. They see a girl who is basically wearing a sign that says, open for sex. And you end of with the selfish, self-gratifying type of man.

When you know your worth you don’t have to show off your body to get attention. In fact you know that isn’t the type of attention you want. The saying “birds of a feather flock together” applies very well here. Women who don’t value themselves and portray that value end up with these types of guys.. one night stands, only physical relationships with no true romance, no pursuit of their heart, abusive (verbally or physically), open relationship where there is no commitment. If you want  your “prince” then you have to be a princess in waiting. So how do you show your worth to men? It’s not like you walk around with a sign stating it haha.

Here are 5 ways that I believe display that you know your worth.

  1. You are not desperate. 
  2. You don’t walk around showing off just about every inch of your skin. 
  3. Your pictures on social media don’t scream here’s my body for the taking. (seriously)
  4. You don’t throw yourself all out there on the first date. Both physically and emotionally.
  5. Don’t become attached to a guy prematurely. 

Show men that you are worth pursuing. That you aren’t a one night stand kind of girl. My parents always used to tell me this saying “why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free” hahaha it’s such a funny saying but it’s a true one. If you are flaunting yourself at guys and letting them have whatever they want then why would they ever have to work at pursuing you, or even committing in marriage? If you got a man by showing off your body then how will you keep a man? Because there will always be someone with a better body than you who comes along. And let’s not forget, we all age eventually haha. You will walk around insecure in your relationship or marriage with the fear that at any moment he could walk away from you for the next insecure girl with the better boobs than you.

What kind of man do you want to spend your life with? Begin to value yourself and your body enough to say, you don’t get to just have me and see me. There is a cost involved because I know that I am worth that cost. I am valued and loved by God and He calls me lovely and precious. I want a man who is going to see me as precious and valued.

When I began seeing Seth I was in a place in my life where I wasn’t desperate. I was finally okay being single. Seth told me later that he instantly knew I was a queen. Early on before we were even dating he told me “Carly, I know you are a queen and I am here to pursue your heart”. I totally shed some hidden tears behind my sunglasses. That is what my heart had been waiting for. A man who would come along and know that I am worth truly pursuing and discovering. Seth wasn’t pursuing me for his needs or wants, he was selfless. And you know whats incredible about that, he is still selfless in our marriage to this day.

Take some time to do some inner soul searching and see what kind of men you have been attracting. A princess always acts like a princess and dresses like a princess. What sign are you wearing to those around you? You are worth so much more.





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