Jude’s birth story!

Well I had planned on having my birth story up much sooner than now. But here I am at 14 weeks postpartum and finally getting around to it!

Jude Seth May was born on May 23rd at 3:15pm weighing 7lb 8oz after a VERY easy labor and delivery. Honestly, everything about Jude has been easy. Pregnancy with him was much easier than with Sienna. I was a lot less sick and tired. Labor and delivery was so smooth and beautiful, and the newborn stage has been amazing! He is the sweetest, easiest baby. Basically I am completely smitten with him. I always wanted a little boy and am so thankful to God to have him!

I was 40 1/2 weeks when Jude was born. I had been walking around at 5cm for over a week and was feeling the weight of Jude. When I went in for my 40 week appointment my doctor asked me if I wanted to schedule an induction. I had always said I would NEVER induce unless for an emergency reason. My doctor felt that if I was to be induced I would go very quickly since I was already so dilated and it was my second. I have always had this fear of birthing my baby in a car so I was worried about going so quick and having my baby in the car on the way to the hospital (haha!) I should’ve never watched YouTube videos of this happening to women. I ended up deciding I wanted to be induced because my body felt so ready to have Jude and it just needed a little kick to get the show on the road. I had been walking around in early labor for weeks and was tired.

The day before my scheduled induction I started with contractions about 7mins apart. I went on multiple walks that day praying that I was going into active labor on my own. That evening I took a shower and got all our bags ready to go because my induction was the next morning at 7am. I went to sleep and woke up just after midnight with the sharp contractions that you know feel different. They were 2-3mins apart. I woke Seth up and said I wanted to get to the hospital in case this went quick..you know, so I didn’t have him in the car! haha!

We checked in to the hospital at 2am and what do you think happened? My labor stopped!!  But since my induction was scheduled for 4hrs later they said they wouldn’t send me home. Honestly I was feeling so relieved because I really wanted my doctor to be there when I delivered. I did not have a great experience with the doctor who was on call when I had Sienna. I had prayed and asked God for some specific things I wanted in my labor this time. One being having my doctor there.

A few hours later the nurse came in and told me that my platelets were too low for an epidural. When I was  pregnant with Sienna my platelets dropped low as well but not too low to where I wasn’t able to get an epidural. And let me tell you..after laboring with Sienna and getting the epidural at 8cm, I knew I wanted it as soon as possible this time, haha! So when the nurse told me that the anesthesiologist wouldn’t do it for me I started crying. I also knew that getting induced without an epidural was way more intense. Thankfully I have an amazing husband and Mom who both prayed right away and began to speak hope into me that God would take care of this. My doctor came in at 8am and told me that she was going to call a few anesthesiologist to find one who would feel confident in giving me an epidural since I wasn’t extremely low in my count and had had an epidural before with Sienna with no problems. I was so grateful for my doctor! Sure enough she found one who was willing to come in and give it to me.

The original plan was to have my water broken to see if that would kick me into active labor rather than starting me on pitocin. But since everything got delayed with having to wait for the anesthesiologist to come in and give me my epidural, my doctor felt it best to start me on a very very low dose of pitocin while we waited for the epidural. She felt I was going to go so quick so she wanted to make sure I had time to get the epidural.

The nurse started me on a low dose of pitocin and my body kicked right into gear. Contractions were now every 2-3mins apart. Thankfully I was not in pain though! After about an hour the anesthesiologist showed up with my epidural! woohoo!! I got that sucker before I even had any pain to speak of! It was wonderful!! hahah! My doctor then came back in and broke my water. The great thing about my epidural was that I could still feel a bit of the contractions. Within about 40mins of her breaking my water I could feel the pressure of needing to push. I waited through a few more contractions until I told the nurse. She went and called my doctor to come back to the hospital. 20mins later she was in the room and his head was right there.  I did 3 of the LITTLEST pushes ever and he pretty much fell out! It was so redemptive from my labor with Sienna! It was the most peaceful, joyous birth! I didn’t even tear! I was so grateful to God for giving me the desires of my heart.

I said I would never get induced but like I have always said, never say never! haha! I don’t regret a thing and am so happy with the decision we made this time around.

Jude has completed our little family and brought so much peace and sweetness into our home. I always call him my sweet boy because that is exactly what he is!

Thank you for all the congratulations and love!!






  1. November 5, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    Beautiful birth story! A story all women dream of. I couldn’t help but notice you say ‘Jude has completed our family’. What?? You two make such gorgeous babies and I sort of just assumed with Alyssa having a BIG family you would atleast have one more. Please know I’m not judging at all 🙂

    • carlymay
      November 6, 2018 / 8:46 pm

      haha! it’s true…we are done. We feel so good and complete with the two. We are excited to enter the next season with our family! 🙂 and thank you!! 😉

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