Baby Boy May’s shower!

It’s so funny your second time around with pregnancy. With Sienna I was so on top of everything and prepared for her arrival. Now with our second I am literally just starting to get things in order and am no where close to done, at 36 1/2 weeks pregnant haha. I now understand why the books all say to start “nesting” in your second trimester. It is way more exhausting this late in the game! All I want to do is lay on my bed and then magically open my eyes to find my house is perfectly organized, laundry is done, and the nursery is all set and ready. Is that too much for a pregnant lady to ask for?! 😉 haha

So all that to say, I finally am carving out some time to share my baby shower pictures with you! I honestly had considered not even having a baby shower but my sweet friends insisted that I have one. I told them multiple times to keep it simple. I didn’t want them going out of their way to give me a “pinterest” baby shower. But surprise surprise, they didn’t listen to me at all. They threw me the  most thoughtful, beautiful shower. From the decor, to the food, to the time of prayer over baby boy and myself. It was perfect. As a gift my friend Ruthie hired a photographer, Ashley Baum , to come and capture all of the moments for me. So so thoughtful!

Anyways, here is a little glimpse into my shower. Still can’t believe I am about to have a BOY! YAY!

Thanks for all the love and following along in my life’s journeys! XOXO!


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