Pregnancy #2 & Pink Blush

Whoa! I’m back! Haha sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog much lately! I miss it, but find when I actually have time to sit down and write something I am so exhausted that all I want to do is go lay down. And that option seems to win out every time. I have a blog post on the topic of relationships that I have been thinking about and really want to write. Thank you for being so patient and hanging in there with me!!!!!

I wanted to thank you all for the congrats you have sent me on finding out we are having a BOY! And thank you for telling me you cried along with me when watching our gender reveal video hahahah! I cry SO easy!

I get asked a lot if this pregnancy was any different then with Sienna. Or if I had a feeling on what I was having. The answers are yes and yes. This pregnancy felt COMPLETELY different than with Sienna. With Sienna I couldn’t get off the couch my first trimester. I was so so exhausted. Getting up to pee was work! I was also soooo nauseous 24/7! I hated so many smells and basically hid myself in our house. I wouldn’t even let Seth cook a thing! Poor guy had to make his breakfast and coffee at his office every morning. I just couldn’t handle smells! Thankfully I never threw up either pregnancy! With this pregnancy I was still exhausted but not to the level I was with Sienna. I was only super nauseous a handful of times. Pretty much when I didn’t eat every two hours and didn’t eat protein. Otherwise I was just queasy morning and evenings. The afternoons would typically let up and my stomach would start growling..something  I never felt with Sienna. I was still counting down to getting out of my first trimester! Plus getting rid of that nasty taste in my mouth all the time! NO ONE tells you about that!! I had that with both pregnancies. It was awful!!! I constantly had mints or gum in my mouth.

Did I have a feeling I was having a boy? Yes, but I was also afraid to say that. Seth and I said we would obviously be thrilled with whatever we have, but a boy was definitely something we would love since we had our very girly mini Carly..haha! We would find ourselves calling baby “he” when talking. We would even say “buddy”. We would have to catch ourselves in case baby was a girl. With Sienna I never had a feeling of what I was having. This time I even had two dreams that were really clear that we were  having a boy. But still, I didn’t want to get too attached to that and then feel any disappointment when we found out. Especially with all these pregnancy hormones raging!

When Seth and I talked about how we wanted to find out the gender I realized I would be 19 weeks on Christmas Eve. I told him I wanted to open it on Christmas morning. What better way to find out! For Sienna we did a gender reveal party, but this time I wanted something more simple and intimate. Three days before Christmas we had our ultrasound appointment where they wrote the gender down and put it in a sealed envelope for us. I quickly brought that envelope to one of my best friend’s. I had asked her to purchase something pink or blue and wrap it for us for Christmas morning. Everyone asked me how I waited three days hahaha! I have crazy levels of determination. I had my eye on the prize of having such a memorable Christmas morning. Plus you are SO busy right before Christmas that honestly I didn’t have a ton of time to think about it. But Christmas morning my nerves were in full force. I was crying before we even opened it haha.

We are so so excited to be having a boy. Before Seth and I got married I always felt like one day we would have a little boy together. I wanted a mini Seth so bad! God has answered my prayers and I can’t wait to have a mini Seth…and a mommy’s boy! 😉 And no, we still haven’t decided on a name! Hopefully we will have it picked by the time of my baby shower so we can announce it there like we did with Sienna’s name.

Okay moving on to a little pregnancy fashion! I teamed up with Pink Blush on a few maternity items. And I am SO happy I did! I honestly don’t like most maternity clothes so I just try to size up in normal clothes as needed. This pregnancy I have basically lived in yoga pants and sweats. It’s winter and I am all about comfort right now. With Sienna I was pregnant through the summer and I actually liked it better because I could live in summer dresses and sandals and still look cute. Now, somedays, I feel frumpy! I picked this top from Pink Blush since I live in yoga pants. It is so soft and so flattering. Some maternity clothes DO NOT flatter! As soon as I put it on I loved it.


I also ordered a delivery robe. With Sienna I never used one and wish I had. I ended up just staying in the hospital gown. Hopefully this time I will have a little more time to think about changing into this robe. My labor with Sienna was 26hrs. By the time I was finished I couldn’t even think about changing. This time I am putting this robe at the top of my suitcase so I can be sure to slip into it, I hope! I also hope to get the epidural before 8cm like I did with Sienna…that was definitely NOT part of my labor plan haha! I told Seth I can’t wait for warm weather so I can wear this robe around the house!

Thanks again for all the congratulations and following along in my life journeys!!


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