Holiday Italian Stuffed Cherry Peppers

I took a poll a few weeks back to see if you guys would like me to post some of my Italian recipes on my blog and the votes came back very high for yes! I guess I have a lot of Italian food lovers 😉  Sorry it has taken me a minute to get this up on the blog!

This is a super yummy and easy appetizer or side to a salad during the holiday season! Although, I guess if you don’t like tuna, or onions, or black olives then this isn’t for you haha! We typically only make this for a holiday dinner..and every time we wonder why we don’t just make it more! In our family we do courses for every holiday dinner.This always goes with the antipasto course. But like I said, it can also be an appetizer.


What you will need:

  • one can of tuna in olive oil (not water!)
  • one jar of Mezetta sweet cherry peppers
  • black olives
  • red onion
  • salt
  • olive oil

First, take the jar of pepper and cut the stems off. It should make an opening on the peppers so you can scoop out the seeds. You will need a tiny spoon for this so you don’t break the peppers. I just scoop all of the seeds out into a bowl to make it easier to clean up after.  

Next you will take about 10-12 medium size pitted olives and place in a food processor. You can also cut by hand but just be sure to make them into very very little pieces.

As you can see in my pictures I processed the onion and olives together which I hate to do because the olives get chopped very quickly while the onion take a bit so it ends up that the olives get a little too mushy rather then in little pieces. But you can do it all together as well.

Then take the red onion and only use about a quarter of it, even a little less if you aren’t an onion lover, and cut into chunks to put in the food processor.

*my onions came out a little bit too big. That’s why I prefer to not process them with the olives. You want them tiny, not bite size chunks.

In the meantime you can put the can of tuna into a medium size bowl. DO NOT DRAIN the oil. You will put it in with the tuna.

Add the chopped black olives and onion and mix well. I add salt to taste. Typically I have to add more olive oil because it isn’t enough from the can. I never measure this, I just add until it is moist. You don’t want it dry and not able to hold together.

Take the tuna mix that you just finished and using a small spoon stuff each pepper. You have to do it carefully of you will tear the peppers. The tuna mix will usually be enough for more than one jar of peppers, typically around a jar and a half.

Cover and place in refrigerator until eating.

Hope you enjoy these as much as my family done! It is a fun festive appetizer during the holidays since the peppers are red and green.

Bon Appétit!


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