Minbie Bottle

As most of you know, I went through so many unexpected nursing struggles that left me feeling completely exhausted. I honestly wish I would’ve come across this bottle when I was going through all of the nursing challenges I had with Sienna.You can hear more about my story here. I love that the Minbie bottle helps to mimic breastfeeding and the latch your baby uses.  How many bottles do that!? This would have been such a great option for us to use when I was giving her pumped milk. Because let me tell you…finger feeding your baby..NOT EASY! haha.

The bottle I currently have for Sienna is for 6+ months because the flow is faster. However it still mimics breastfeeding which is great since I am still primarily nursing and use this bottle for water in between nursing.

Besides all the great things like they are BPA free, you get to choose the nipple flow depending on age, it also has a curve in the bottle that makes it easy for small babies to hold. Sienna holds this bottle effortlessly and she has such tiny hands. This bottle is a win all around!

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