Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, One Year Old Is What You Are!

I can not believe that we have just celebrated Sienna’s FIRST Birthday!! What a year it has been! Definitely the most amazing but exhausting year of my life! I never knew my heart could love someone the way I love her. I sometimes feel like my heart could burst because of all the love I hold for her. She has caused me to grow in my strength, endurance, patience, character and love. Sienna is such a fun spicy lover. She loves people, loves to say “buh-bye” and wave to everyone she sees, loves to talk and is always up for a party!

For her birthday I went back and forth on doing a big bash or keeping it small with family and more simple. I’m not going to lie, Pinterest is your best friend and worst enemy! I look at Pinterest and feel so much pressure to throw the perfect Pinterest parties!..its definitely a love/hate relationship that I have with it..haha!

Anyways, we opted for the more simple family party. And I am honestly so glad we did. It was perfect for a first birthday. She was loved on and celebrated by her family. I did end up still going with a theme and ordering a few decor pieces from RSVP Design I am not crafty, so making signs and cut-outs is not my thing at all. I would much rather just pay someone to do it. The theme was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” It was perfect for her because she really is a star that shines so bright and lights up any room she is in.

Some of you have emailed me asking me how I made her cupcakes so here you go! I used a box recipe for the cupcakes that was paleo and so easy to make! It is by  Simple Mills For the frosting I used an Against all Grain buttercream frosting. I honestly would’ve used her cake recipe as well if I wasn’t so busy that week. The frosting was so yummy! I wanted to have the frosting be pink, but not use food coloring. So I stole my sister’s tip and blended freeze dried strawberries up to make them in a powdered form and added them to the frosting mix at the very end. The only thing when making the frosting was that my egg whites were not from large eggs so it wasn’t forming properly. I added another egg white and it worked perfectly!

Happy first birthday Sienna Haven!! You are so loved!!




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