JORD Wood Watches

When Seth and I got engaged I gave him a letter I had written him that said, “the years of waiting for you felt like an eternity, but once you found me it was as if time had lost its meaning. You were worth every minute, every hour, every day, every year of the wait.” I always remember how time felt like it was dragging on until I met him, but once we met all those years felt like a blink!

I really believe the greatest thing you can do in a relationship is to give of your time. Like the Beatles song says “You can’t buy me love”. No gift could every replace the gift of someone giving you their undivided attention and time to make you feel valued and loved. Typically when Seth and I have arguments and we feel disconnected from each other is when we are too busy and not taking the time to connect and just be together.

Anyways! So about this beautiful watch! I was so excited when JORD contacted me about their wood watches! They are so unique! I have bought Seth many watches since we began dating because I love watches that much! To be honest, I was curious if the watch was going to feel heavy and bulky since it is made from real wood,  but it doesn’t at all! It is so lightweight. It’s comfy and so easy to wear that I can wear it with anything! Dressing it up, or down with my workout clothes running errands.

Check out their awesome designs JORD

If you like the one I am wearing you can get yours here!

Once you have purchased your watch be sure to tag myself @carlygulinomay and @woodwatches_com so we can see what you chose!

CarlyJordWatch-8 CarlyJordWatch-12 CarlyJordWatch-15 CarlyJordWatch-31 CarlyJordWatch-38 CarlyJordWatch-40 CarlyJordWatch-48 CarlyJordWatch-50 CarlyJordWatch-63 CarlyJordWatch-65

Photos By: Sarah Schweyer Photography



  1. Ruthie
    August 19, 2016 / 11:52 pm

    Yes girl. More more more!! More modeling pics with y’all. Love this post!!!!!! Perfection.

    • carlymay
      August 28, 2016 / 6:22 pm

      Love YOU!

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