Sienna’s Nursery

I have been SO excited to decorate a nursery for Sienna! (As I am sure most mom’s to be are) We moved into our house in the beginning of May and it has been a process getting her nursery setup. Between moving, traveling to the east coast to move my grandma out of her house, oh and you know just creating a human, it has taken me a lot longer to finish her nursery then I ever thought it would. I actually found that most of my energy came back as I turned the 37 week corner.

When thinking about her nursery I knew I wanted it to be light pink, white and grey. Other than that, I didn’t have a theme. I was looking online at prints and pictures and came across one that said Je Ta’ime and was in the colors I wanted. Je’taime means “I love you” in French and that is how my dad told my mom he loved her when she was 15 years old. So it stood out to me when I saw it. My friend who was doing all the decor for my baby shower asked me what I thought about a Coco Chanel theme. Which I LOVED! I mean what girl doesn’t love Chanel?! From there my nursery turned into a French, Paris, Chanel theme!

Can not wait to bring my little princess home to it!



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